Campaign Concept - Greenpeace against Gen-Food

The Campaign should transport the simple but hitting fact, that Mc Donald´s is using Genetically modified Soy in the Mc Chicken Chickens food!

a Cell, it is bended by the the pressure of a syringe into the Mc Donalds "M" Claim: I´m feeding

Seriously... they are manipulating the essence of life! The bad thing is, that we´ve no chance to see what they are putting into the food they sell to us. To Understand, we´ve to "zoom in" - There see what the "Im-loving-it-Guys" are doing to live and our food! We are looking on a Cell, it is bended by the the pressure of a syringe into the Mc Donalds "M" Claim: I´m feeding it! The Concept takes some time to understand, but when we get the Idea - it hits! Like the topic, i treated it serious.

Project on Jovoto

Typographic Poster - Personal Project

A Personal Project, initiated during a cold in 2014.

Branding - Chemische Fabrik Budenheim KG

The Company "Chemische Fabrik Budenheim" has specialised on the production and refinement of phosphates and chemicals. For a new Orthophospate Product, which is used in the battery and accumulator production, i did the concept and design of the Brand Presence.

Art catalogue - "Retour de Paris"

Layout and Design of the art catalogue for the exhibition "Retour de Paris"  at the Institut Francais in Stuttgart for the artist Kirsten Arndt.

Brand identity - Sandwich Mama

Sandwich Mama is a little and cute Diner Bar which offers food from local farmers. A place where you can have a good time and relax. The Design mirrors these things.

Corporate Identity - Staatengründung

Akaktapaha, ein Geheimdienstbericht!
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.6 MB

The initial Idea of the Typography Course project "states founding"  was that large corporations act exactly like states. They have their own flags, philosophy, values and ethics.


The purpose of the course was to create an identity for a fictional self-created state. The state should have a self-history, culture, including ideological superstructure. 

After the creation of this state identity, the public perception should be controlled.

It has been developed an image that is cohesively and reflects the identitiy of the state.

Mike Bouchet - Exhibition Poster

A Poster was generated for the Exhibition of the famous Artist Mike Bouchet and Paul McCarthy.



The Portikus Building is the place of the Exhibition. This Place is visualiced as a instrument of torture - a so called "spanish easel"



The Poster was entirely generated in 3D.

Papercraft Figure - "Self Promotion"

A papercraft application for an internship.